Photo 7 Sep 2 notes "I should be able to steal anything I want! Why should artists even get paid for their work I mean don’t you just do art for fun anyway? That’s not a real job.”
And you cared enough to seek out our blog and send four messages, so, I think you probably do care a bit.

"I should be able to steal anything I want! Why should artists even get paid for their work I mean don’t you just do art for fun anyway? That’s not a real job.”

And you cared enough to seek out our blog and send four messages, so, I think you probably do care a bit.

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Anonymous said: I don't see why artists or authors are on tumblr if they're so passionate about their work. Shouldn't they be trying to make a living or some shit, instead of whining about someone stealing their work. It's the circle of internet life, get the fuck over it. If you don't want it taken or modified then don't put it out in the public.

We share our work because we want to. We shouldn’t have to worry about people stealing it just because. It’s hard to make a living out of art or writing, impossible if you do it through fanworks. Stealing is wrong, it’s as simple as that.

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Anonymous said: Your blog is incredibly whiny. Good lord, i'm so glad i don't get anal like this over my art not being sourced. I have plenty of followers and i don't get offended if i see a photo of mine re-posted. I recognize my own art. Its sad that these days everyone is so up their own ass they ABSOLUTELY HAVE to be credited for their picture as if its gods gift to the internet. I feel you're very pushy and you remind me what not to be like as an artist. I'll keep my art free for the world to enjoy!

You know what? It’s good that you can survive your art being stolen. But some people can’t. Some people want credit that they DESERVE and have EARNED. If that’s something you can’t understand, then I’m sorry.

Text 13 Mar 4 notes Please avoid fuckyeahreactions

fuckyeahreactions is a collection of GIFs, none or extremely little belonging to them or sourced. They seemed rather sane at first, until you go to their rules page..

Here’s a sample for you.

  • Is it your gif/image and you want it removed:


get over it.

I will not remove it.


because, this is the fucking internet, maybe you shouldn’t have posted it on THE FUCKING INTERNET in the 1st place if you don’t want someone else using it.

here, it’s a fucking bucket:


So please avoid this blog and don’t reblog from it. Most GIFs can be found at their source locations through Google Image Search.

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Anonymous said: is it ok to repost images as long as you source them?

NO.The whole point of this blog is to stop people from doing this. If you’re given permission by the original artist/creator, then you can, but in most cases, reposters don’t bother to ask in the first place.

Text 13 Mar Please avoid Fucktonofanatomyreferences

We’ve gotten several messages about this blog, and after checking it out, the reports seem to be true. The description states that they will add a source if given one (of course, this doesn’t excuse what they’re doing). I sent a test message identifying one of the sources, and I’ll let you know how the response goes. But as far as sourcing goes, please avoid this blog.

soprie submitted:

Blacklist these people.

They refuse to credit their sources with disclaimers like “I don’t own this” and “source not mine”

They refuse to even search for credit.

They whine when artists such as myself demand credit (as credit could be easily found with a simple google search)

They would rather post whiny rebuttal after whiny rebuttal than admit any wrongdoing.

There are much better anatomy blogs to follow that are better organized and better sourced.

If you see one of their image posts with lots of miscelaneous photos and no credit anywhere, don’t reblog it. You do a disservice to the resource providers who make such content, and to people looking for information regarding the images posted.

As well, try to find the original tutorial or reference post and reblog that. Artists and resource providers don’t like seeing multiple posts of their work floating around.

We can help you to learn more, better faster if you credit us. Chopping away credit with a “lol I found this IDK where it came from” hurts everyone trying to learn art.

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catfromjapan said: Just thought I'd leave you a message amongst all of the "BUT WEHEARTIT IS A LEGITIMATE SOURCE" messages to say well done on all you're doing here. Its so piss annoying when people just reupload. FRUSTRATING IS WHAT IT IS. Anyway, well done!

Thank you very much!

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Anonymous said: A large percentage of people hate you, so fuck off.

And a very good day to you too anon!

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marchander said: Dear outstanding human being,

I dig this. Keep up the good work. If you had a chart, I'd give you 10 gold stars. That overlap each other to fit.

Love, me (someone who has had fits of rage at finding her work meddled with and passed off as something else)

Thank you very much :) I’m a new mod to this blog, but seeing how many people are standing up against theft is really heartwarming.

Text 13 Mar 1 note

Anonymous said: So.... No stolen posts anymore?

In a perfect world? Yep.

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